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The faultlines

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the faultlines  

we are A rock trio based in Prescott, Arizona, focused on original music. Our album, NEW RAGE is out now. New single, Running Shoes available on itunes, google play and youtube.

Vocals, Guitar / Johan Glidden
Vocals, Bass / Cosimo Bohrman
Drums / True Bohrman

Enjoy our studio video for our new original single, Running Shoes! Recorded at Raven Sound Studio. Please like and share! 


New Rage

by The Faultlines

All songs recorded by The Faultlines. The Faultlines are Johan Glidden, True Bohrman and Cosimo Bohrman.

All lyrics by Johan Glidden. All music by  Johan Glidden, except SCHOOL BUS, BACK AGAIN and TO SEE THE END, by Johan Glidden and Cosimo Bohrman. All tracks recorded, mixed and mastered at Sky City Audio, Prescott Arizona.


Johan Glidden - Lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, violins.


Cosimo Bohrman - Electric and upright bass, vocals.

True Bohrman - Drums and percussion